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 The IM Web Page has no doctrinal agenda.  It's simply an access port where brethren called by Yahweh's Name may access lesser-known resources to edify themselves in foundational matters.

If you are into research, then try the "Articles, etc." button.

 If you are into musical worship, then dip into the private recordings of lesser-known songs under "Sacred Music".

IM has an ongoing Bible recording project.  Click on "Bible  Books" and see if one of the books we have so far captured might merit a download.

IM is non-profit.  The "Charter" Button at left documents
some of the objectives of IM's earliest vision.

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        This material is offered for the benefit of The Saints in Yahshua of Nazareth, the Resurrected Messiah:

                                        Here is the patience of the saints:
                                        Here are they that keep the commandments of The Almighty,
                                        and the faith of Yahshua.  Revelation 14:12